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Pommerscher Verein Central Wisconsin 


c/o Berlin Center

11248 Berlin Lane

Athens, WI 54411 

This address is not located in the Village of Athens.  It is located at Naugart in the Township of Berlin, Marathon Co. on the corner of  Naugart Drive and Berlin Lane.

Where is Naugart?

The aerial photo below shows the Township Garage in the upper right corner of the the intersection, the former Naugart Post Office and Store in the lower right corner of the intersection.  Immediately across the road in the lower left corner of the intersection is the former Naugart Elementary School and further to the left is the St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church and Cemetary.  Across the road from it in the upper left corner of the intersection is the Berlin Center., formerly the Berlin consolidated elementary school, now housing the Township Offices, a meeting hall, the 4-H club, and the Pommerscher Verein Central Wisconsin.



The Pommerscher Verein Central Wisconsin exists to preserve the language and heritage of its member's ancestors who immigrated primarily from the Prussian Provinces of Pomerania, West and East Prussia, and Posen as well as Mecklenburg (not a province of Prussia); to record the rich history of the settlers; and to be a resource for genealogy research. A further objective is to provide opportunities for fellowship, friendship, and gemütlichkeit for members and the community at large.  

Randy Braatz, Pres. Elect, 2017-2018, accepting gavel from Lyle Krohn, outgoing Pres.

The Verein has 4 membership meetings per year with a typical attendance of about 100, including a meal, group singing, a speaker or presentation of interest, and a business meeting. The current President is Ralph Sturm who conducts the meetings.  he annual meeting is held in October and meetings in February and May. The summer gathering is a picnic called "Piknik im Busch". It is usually held at the Berlin Center in Naugart, Township of Berlin, Marathon County, Wisconsin. 

The Pommerscher Verein Central Wisconsin is a non-profit 501(c)(7) heritage society.



Membership in the Pommerscher Verein Central Wisconsin can be an interesting, educational, and fun experience, depending upon your areas of interest and motivation.  Membership is inexpensive and and easy to obtain.  There are regular family and single memberships as well as associate non-voting memberships.  Membership qualifies the member to a subscription of Dat Pommersche Blatt,  our quarterly newsletter which contains information about upcoming activities and events, interesting articles about Pomeranian history, genealogy,and stories contributed by our members and friends at large,  There are also 4 quarterly meetings which are typically attended by 100-plus people with a noon meal and with a featured speaker on a variety of topic, a Pomeranian Sing-a-long, and a business meeting which hears committee reports.. Once a year there is a Piknik im Busch  (Picnik in the Woods) 


Membership Form.pdf

PVCW Officers, Boards, & Committees 2017-2018

President:           Randy Braatz                                                      Secretary:  Jalaine Woller

1st Vice President:  DuWayne Zamzow                                    Treasurer:  Cindy Braatz

2nd Vice President:  Tom Mueller

Term Expires 2018                           Term Expires 2019                           Term Expires 2020

Tom & Judy Mueller                        Randy & Cindy Braatz                   Janie Braatz & Tom Bogren

Willie & Karen Schult                      Reinie & Marlene Lenz                   Gary Gisselman

Carol Uekert                                      Ralph & Rosemary Sturm             Bob & Eppie Gruling  

DuWayne Zamzow                          Earl & Jalaine Woller                        Lyle & Ellen Krohn

Committees are from 2017-18

COMMITTEE                                                       NAMES                                                                 FUNCTION

History                                                  DuWayne Zamzow                                           Historical facts

                                                                Carol Uekert                                                       Scrap Book

                                                                Bob & Eppie Gruling                                        Wall of Honor   

                                                                Willie & Karen Schult                                                                                                     

Tours                                                     DuWayne Zamzow                                          Platt Konferenz

                                                                Ralph Sturm                                                       and Other Trips

Programs                                             Reinie & Marlene Lenz                                   Arrange programs for Quarterly Meetings


Social                                                     Elgart & Eunice Baumann                             Fasching, Card Party,

                                                                Tim & Bev Baumann                                       Piknik

                                                                Randy & Cindy Braatz                                                                    

                                                                Bob & Eppie Gruling

                                                                Reinie & Marlene Lenz

                                                                Tom & Judy Mueller                       

                                                                Willie & Karen Schult

                                                                Ralph & Rosemary Sturm

                                                                DuWayne Zamzow

Heritage                                               Tom Bogren & Janie Braatz                          Educational tables at

                                                                Laurel Hoffmann                                              events, traditions, food

                                                                Earl & Jalaine Woller

Library & Genealogy                       Laurel Hoffman                                                 Family research, displays,

                                                              Gary Klingbeil                                                     Maps, records 

  Darlene Weidman

                                                                Lynn Meier                                                                                                                        

                                                                Gary Gisselman

Language                                             DuWayne Zamzow

   Bob & Eppie Gruling                                  Platt Tied, Teach & Preserve Platt                                                   Earl & Jalaine Woller 

   Rosemary Sturm                                       

                                                                Don & LouAnn Zamzow

Sales & Merchandise                      Tom Bogren & Janie Braatz                          Maintain inventory

                                                                Reinie & Marlene Lenz                                   of maps, books, etc.

                                                                Randy & Cindy Braatz


Membership                                      Ellen Krohn                                                         Maintain membership list,

                                                               Cindy Braatz                                                       Dues, etc.

                                                               Gary Klingbeil

Music & Dance                                  DuWayne Zamzow                                          Danz Gruppe, Sängerchor,

                                                                Janie Braatz                                                        Singing at meetings

Photography                                      DuWayne Zamzow                                          Photo for Blatt, scrapbook, etc.

                                                                Judy Mueller

                                                                Bob Gruling                                                                                      

Dat Pommersche Blatt                    Gary Klingbeil                                                  Publish quarterly newsletter,    

                                                                Tom Mueller                                                      Write articles

                                                                DuWayne Zamzow

                                                                Don Zamzow

                                                                Bob Gruling       

PVCW Website                                  Don Zamzow                                                      Update and maintain website

         Laurel Hoffmann                                              with current information  

                                                                Tom Mueller

Endowment                                       Randy Braatz                                                     

                                                                Cindy Braatz      

                                                                Jalaine Woller   

                                                                DuWayne Zamzow

                                                                Tom Mueller

                                                                Tim Baumann

The committee members consist of Board Members, Laurel Hoffman -  Librarian, and Gary Klingbeil  -  Dat Pommersche Blatt Editor, and Don & LouAnn Zamzow - Consultants.  Encourage and invite other members to assist with your committees.



Donald D Zamzow





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