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Pommerscher Verein Central Wisconsin Sänger Chor

The Pommerscher Verein Central Wisconsin Sänger Chor serves the Verein in an Ad Hoc capacity to contribute to festivals and special events of our Verein.  It is directed by DuWayne Zamzow and is able to perform in 3 languages, Standard German, Low German (Plattdüütsch), and English.










The Pommerscher Verein Sänger Chor had its origins singing for a Plattdüütsch church service at Zastrow's cabin grounds in the Township of Hamburg, Marathon County, WI












While hosting an International Plattdüütsch Konferenz in Rothschild, WI,  the choir was again organized again to perform for the evening program.


Performing for another International Platt conference in Rothschild, WI

Back row men, from left:  Director, DuWayne Zamzow, Bob Gruling, Ray Jahns, David Radtke, Bill Storm, Randy Braatz, Earl Woller, Don Zamzow, Lawrence Radenz, Tim Baumann, Jim Goetsch, and Arden Hoffmann.

Front row, ladies, from left: Sue Zastrow, Lydia Goetsch, Lola Lendrum, Ruth Ann Jahns, Lou Ann Zamzow, Elvira Saeger, Norma Krenz, Jalaine Woller, Avila Tolk, and Donna Block.